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NTX Beer Week - Events & Beer lists

October 30
Brew-HaHa at Peticolas Brewing Company.  Tickets required.
Beers:  A LOST EPIC, Velvet Hammer, Royal Scandal, Golden Opportunity

November 1
Peticolas Brewing Company Tour
Beers:  A LOST EPIC and several other beers.

November 1
Untapped Festival
Beers:  Black Curtains, A LOST EPIC, Irish Goodbye, Sit Down (cask), Velvet Hammer (cask), Alfred Brown (cask)

November 3
LUCK - Glass Night
Beers:  A LOST EPIC, Velvet Hammer, Royal Scandal, Golden Opportunity

November 3
Goodfriend - Tap Takeover
Beers:  Velvet Hammer (cask), A LOST EPIC, Sit Down, Alfred Brown, 2014 The DUKE, Royal Scandal.

November 4
Dallas Beer Kitchen - Glass Night
Beers:  A LOST EPIC, Velvet Hammer, Alfred Brown, 2014 The DUKE, Great Scot!,

November 4
Bryan Street Tavern - Tap Takeover
Beers:  A LOST EPIC, Great Scot!, Velvet Hammer, Royal Scandal, Sit Down.

November 5
J. Mac's Swill & Grill - Tap Takeover
Beers:  Velvet Hammer, Royal Scandal, Golden Opportunity , Cask, 2013 The DUKE, 2014 The DUKE, Sit Down, A LOST EPIC, Great Scot!, Thrilla in Brazilla.

November 5
Lakewood Growler - Keep the glass and Growler fills
Beers:  Sit Down, Velvet Hammer, Golden Opportunity, Royal Scandal

November 5
Co-Tour between Peticolas Brewing and Community Beer Companies
Beers:  A LOST EPIC, Velvet Hammer, Royal Scandal, Golden Opportunity, Black Curtains, Cask, Aged Great Scot!, Thrilla in Brazilla, 2013 Alfred Brown, 2014 Alfred Brown
A limited number of tickets are available here.

November 6
The Common Table - Trivia Night
Beers:  Sit Down, A LOST EPIC, Alfred Brown, Velvet Hammer

November 6
Oak Street Drafthouse - Glass Night
Beers:  A LOST EPIC, 2014 The DUKE, Royal Scandal, Golden Opportunity cask,

November 7
Brewers Ball
Beers:  Velvet Hammer, A LOST EPIC

November 8
Craft & Growler - Wintervention release, Limited Growlers, Tap Takeover
Beers:  Wintervention, 2013 The DUKE, 2014 The DUKE, Velvet Hammer, Royal Scandal, Alfred Brown, A LOST EPIC, Golden Opportunity, Great Scot!, Sit Down, Thrilla in Brazilla.


Belgian Tripel
11% Alcohol by volume / 25 IBU

Our Tripel has a sunny golden-orange color with rocky white head.  A complex, mild spice accentuates a light fruity-ester aroma while the overall hop aroma  remains low.  The use of pale malts result in  brisk malty palate containing a hint of sweetness in the center, but with a light dry finish. Hop bitterness is medium and tends to equalize the balance of malt.  The alcohol strength and flavor is clearly evident.  Our Tripel’s medium body and high alcohol content contribute a pleasant vanilla like creaminess. This beer is highly carbonated to bring flavor to the forefront.  As this beer warms, its flavors flourish.

What’s in a beer name?  In this case, the brewery’s name.  A LOST EPIC is an anagram of PETICOLAS.

Tripels lend themselves well to herbs, especially thyme. The herbal notes in the hop aromatics pair nicely with the herbs used in the food dish.

2014 GABF Gold Medal - 2012 Great Scot! - Aged Beer

Texas brewers racked up 16 medals at this year's Great American Beer Festival.
We were honored to receive a GABF gold medal for our 2012 Great Scot! in the Aged Beer category.
Good times ensued.

What makes us different? We don’t bottle/can.

When every other brewer in North Texas is focused on bottling/canning, we remain a keg only brewery.
Why? Quality, distribution, strategy.

Quality:  Bottling/canning (i.e., packaging) is a ... science in and of itself. Take a look at those big beautiful displays in the supermarket sitting at room temperature. The beer is degrading from the heat and oxygen pick up. We can best protect our product in kegs. We fill our kegs with 37 degree beer, immediately move it to our cooler, and deliver straight to our customer’s cooler for dispense. The craft beer drinkers know us and know our brand; the everyday person walking down the street does not. We believe it is a mistake to put our beer in a package for a consumer to experience for the first time. We want our consumers to know our brand before we package. If that first experience with a brand is not positive, you’ve lost that consumer. As a consequence, we prefer our consumer’s first experience our beer in the manner that it is best served, on tap.

Distribution: We are running two businesses, a brewery and distributorship. Distributing our product becomes infinitely more difficult once packaging. The demands presented by grocers far exceed those of restaurants/bars. Transportation of the packaged product also presents numerous logistical challenges. There are multiple distributorships in North Texas willing and able to distribute our product. Unfortunately, with the rights Texas craft brewers lost via the 2013 legislative session, we would literally have to give away our distribution rights away for free if we signed with a distributor. We are working to change that law, but given the current climate, there is no way on earth we’d sign an agreement with a distributor to freely give away the brand we’ve worked so hard to build. Others will give their territorial distribution rights away for free; we won’t.

Strategy:  We are unconventional in our approach. When everyone else does one thing, we do the other. All other North Texas brewers package, so we don’t. We prefer to lead, not follow. When everyone does something, simply joining the crowd generates less excitement with each new follower. Rest assured, it’s in the long term plan. We’d love all the free marketing on the grocery store shelf. Again, we are different; we’ll build this brand until it’s ready for the package. And in the end, the longer we don’t do it, the more you want it!

September and October Event Calendar


3  IPA and IIPA night.  Thrilla and Sit Down casks.  Sold Out  
6  Brewery Tour
7  Whole Foods Colleyville tap takeover for the Dallas Cowboy opener.
9  Bottle Shop Brew School
13  Dallas Brew fest
17  Ten Cheese & Five Beer pairing.  Sold Out.
20  Brewery Tour
23  Vickery Park Dallas Beer Dinner
25  Go Texan beer tasting at fair park.
27  Texas Craft Brewers Festival in Austin
30  Tilted Kilt's Beat the Teach Trivia


2-5 Great American Beer Festival
4  Brewery Tour
4  Beer Tasting and Pairing Clark Gardens, Weatherford Texas. Beer Tasting and Pairing Clark Gardens, Weatherford Texas  October 4.  
9  The Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge beer and cigar pairing in Fort Worth.
10  Beer Geek TV filming
16 Gleneagles County Club craft beer tasting
18  Brewery Tour
30  Brew Haha Comedy show at the brewery 
31  NTX Beer week begins. 

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