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Return of the Great Scot! and new beer in June.

We receive more requests to make Great Scot! a full time beer than anything else we've brewed.  Although it's not a full time beer just yet, we've brewed it again and look forward to some pairings with kegs left over from 2012 and 2013. 
It's possible we'll sprinkle in another limited release from the past, but we're absolutely releasing a new beer in June.  We're especially excited about it and you'll know why when we release those details.  Stay tuned.

Irish Goodye

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day.  We're delivering it all over Dallas right now.

Irish Goodbye
Irish Red Ale
6.5% ABV / 27 IBU

Ever been out to the bar and your friend disappears without nary a word?  That move is called the “Irish Goodbye” and is the name we’ve bestowed upon our Irish Red Ale.  It is a beautiful copper red color with low fruity-ester aroma accompanied by a rocky dense off white head.  Candy like malt sweetness is enhanced by a subtle degree of roasted malt that brings a level of complexity to nice even keeled hop flavor and bitterness.   

Texas Montly and the Velvet Hammer

There is no better Texas-specific publication than Texas Monthly.
Check out their article on Texas craft beer.
Thank you Tony Drewry for including us.

Thank You for Two Years

Our 2 year anniversary was a complete ball!  We truly want to thank you guys, the consumers, for providing us with such a great start to our business.  Upon opening, we made a short term goal of simply being in business for 3 years (as many start ups never make it that long), and we are 2/3 of the way there thanks to you.
As many of you know, we do not market our beer.  We have not walked into a bar or restaurant to sell our beer in a year and a half.  Instead, we have relied on you all to hound bartenders, managers, and anyone else who would listen about Peticolas beer .  Our marketing superstars are you, our consumers.  We could not have made it the past two year without you.  Y'all are the engine that drives our business and for this we thank you. 
It was great to visit with so many of you yesterday and get to know you all throughout the past two years.  So many of you have simply been critical to our success.  The Dallas Brew Scene boys, the festival throwing Montgomery's and Corey Pond, other local brewers, the folks who pour our beer at local restaurants and bars, but most of all, the great people who continue to support us by buying our beer and coming to our events.  There are simply too many of you to individually name, but you know who you are.  We've become friends with many of you and only wish we had more time to sit and visit with you at every event. 
Finally, and most importantly, thanks are in order for our volunteers, who have shown us massive/tremendous/unrelenting support since we opened.  Hopefully feelings aren't hurt if we inadvertently left someone out, but thank you Poindexter, Rollans, Our gal Val, Adrian (one) Hernandez, Adrian (two) Ramirez, Rich Franzen-kahner, Grayson, Reilly, the Gradles and Dayletts, Scott Bailey, Meeks, Ben and Barb, Jase, Dreds, Pickett, Tidwell, Michael Roberts and sidekick Brandon, Jordan Moon and Matt Dixon, Wahoo Ryan, James and Michael, Mae and Michael, Randy and his girls (ha), Jerry Friedman, Mar, Eric Anders, Brian Staples Center, Rig, Brian Nicholas, Colonize, NathanLeeBrown, Chris Tech, Quin, Dick, Stearns, Cary and Barrett, Bryan, and Airon.  Y'all mean the world to us.
Here's to two years and hopefully many many more.

16 Taps Flowing at the Anniversary Party

Here is the full beer list for the "2 Years 10 Beers" 2:00 to 5:00 Saturday anniversary party.
Please note that you must have a ticket for entrance.
Debut beer:
Black Curtains

Aged beer: ...
2012 Wintervention
2012 Great Scot!

Cask beer:
Royal Scandal
Great Scot!
Rye't On

Everything else:
Velvet Hammer
Great Scot!
Royal Scandal
Golden Opportunity
Alfred Brown
Rye't On
Sit Down or I'll Sit You Down

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