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All we really want to do is brew great beer. The rest will follow.

We currently brew 3 beers year round, as well as a winter seasonal.
We also brew additional beers each year for limited release or bring back a previous release.

Year round beers:

Velvet Hammer
Imperial Red Ale
9% Alcohol by volume / 85 IBUs

A tribute to our favorite Brewmaster, Greg Matthews, the Velvet Hammer appears as a dark, ruby reddish-brown ale beneath a sheath of protective off-white foam. It is malt-forward with elements of caramel and the sweetness of light brown sugar, balanced nicely by a combination of floral hops and a noticeable alcohol bite. It's a sturdy brew with a smooth character which belies both an inner strength and a slightly full body, along with a moderate bitterness to round out the taste.

This beer pairs nicely with any and all spicy foods. The high hop character of this beer helps cut the spice in the food dish.

Brian Brown of the Plano Craft Beer Examiner reviewed this beer here ... CLICK HERE

Royal Scandal
English Pale Ale
6.5% Alcohol by volume / 36 IBUs

Always a crowd pleaser, our version of the ever popular Pale Ale leans more towards an English Bitter than the everyday American Pale Ale. Earthy on the nose with a light floral background, this brew has a lingering caramel malt flavor and a splash of fresh citrus. The chosen yeast strain provides a distinctly European feel, but our hop profile remains uniquely American in delivering the expected flavor and aroma, as well as a characteristic bitter edge. It is hop-forward with a balance towards late hop additions and bitterness, yet this medium-bodied brew maintains an ample malt foundation on the way to a smooth, refreshing finish.

Pale ales are great beers to pair with a wide variety of foods. Try it with anything from Mexican foods (or anything containing cilantro) to steaks and burgers.

Golden Opportunity
Golden ale? Kolsch?
4.6% Alcohol by volume / 27 IBUs

In the spirit of a true session beer we present the Golden Opportunity, a beer modeled after the classic styles of Koln, Germany, but which deliberately lacks the enhanced fruitiness of the typical American interpretation. Straw-like in color with a dense white head, this medium-bodied brew has a light, pleasant malt aroma with a hint of sweetness and faint bitterness. It is clean, well-balanced and suitably carbonated for a crisp, refreshing feel.

The Golden Opportunity is the perfect complement to lighter dishes. We suggest pairing it with salads, sandwiches, seafood or light chicken dishes.

Operation Collaboration
India Pale Ale
8% Alcohol by volume / 75 IBU

What better brewery partner for our first collaboration than Green Flash Brewing, the pioneer of the “West Coast IPA?” Michael Peticolas and Green Flash’s Chuck Silva selected just two malts and two hop varieties to brew this IPA. Both malts are premium English malts and each hop is an experimental varietal grown in the Yakima Valley. If these hops prove successful commercially, they will be assigned names. Until then, the hops are simply known as 07270 and 06277.

Operation Collaboration pours with a thick, dense, off-white head atop a golden orange colored beer. The head leaves a healthy lacing in the glass as it is enjoyed. The aroma is dank, but with subtle hints of citrus and juicy fruit. The moderate bitter character allows the hop flavors to shine though with an abundance of tropical orange, pineapple, grapefruit and tangerine-like flavors. The mouthfeel is creamy smooth and the finish exceptional – pleasant tropical flavors linger on the palette long after your last drink. The evolution of this IPA from aroma to finish is a tremendous ride; you’ll be surprised how quickly this beer disappears from your glass.

Winter Seasonal:

Strong Spiced Winter Ale
10% ABV / 45 IBU

Look for this beer’s release as the weather gets cold.
Our dark strong winter ale is spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger. A full bodied ale meant to be enjoyed during the cold winter months with family and friends. English hops and high quality malts give this beer its backbone. All spices are provided by local spice maker, Pendery’s, a mere half block from the brewery.

The spices in the Wintervention compliment the spices in many holiday treats, while the hops provide the perfect contrast. Enjoy this beer with holiday foods or simply have it on its own!

Limited Releases:

Great Scot!
Scottish Ale
6.8% Alcohol by volume / 24 IBUs

The Great Scot! is characterized by its dark copper color, thick tan head, and slight malty sweet aroma. Our Scottish is a medium bodied malt forward beer with low bitterness and possesses a nutty, soft and chewy character in flavor and mouthfeel. A slight peaty/smoky characteristic is also present at low levels, but ultimately, this is a clean beer that finishes relatively dry. Melissa’s Peticolas’s favorite!

The juicy malt character of the Great Scot! makes it great to pair with roasted meats and sausages, as well as cream sauces such as Alfredo or carbonara.

Alfred Brown
English Brown Ale
5.5% ABV / 25 IBU

In 1859, Alfred Brown Peticolas opened the first Peticolas law firm in the State of Texas. After briefly leaving his practice to fight in the Civil War, A.B. returned to the practice of law in 1866. Since that time, A.B., his son (Warner Marion), grandson (William Craig), great grandson (Edward Kent), and/or great-great grandson ( Michael) have continuously practiced law in the State of Texas.

Named after Alfred Brown Peticolas, our English brown ale is a dialed back version of the American interpretation. It’s copper in color with a pleasantly light hop aroma, which is balanced with a delicate roasty maltiness. Notes of nut and chocolate are subdued, but clearly present in flavor. This beer’s body is medium-light and possesses a smooth texture with a hint of residual sweetness.

The roasted characteristics of this beer make it the perfect match for any meats or vegetables prepared on the grill.

A little more on A.B. Peticolas? He was born in Richmond, Virginia, on May 27, 1838. As a young man, he studied law and taught school. He began his practice in Virginia, but ultimately moved west to Victoria, Texas. In 1859, he opened up a law practice with Samuel A. White. A.B. Peticolas may be best remembered today for his published Civil War journals and detailed pencil sketches, having served during the Sibley Campaign in New Mexico with Co. C., 4th Regiment, Texas Mounted Volunteers. After his discharge in 1865, he returned to Victoria to practice law. In 1894, A.B. Peticolas authored an index-digest to all civil cases contained in the Texas Report. This catalog became standard text of the Texas Bar Association for years. In his later years, A.B. Peticolas was known simply as the “Judge.”

Barley Wine
12%ABV/ 35 IBU

Straw in color with a dissipating white that leaves plenty of lacing, The DUKE appears lighter than your typical barley wine. Even though dry hopped, the high alcohol renders the hop aroma, flavor, and bitterness low to medium low. Complex alcohols and fruity-ester characters are noticeable and balanced with the high alcohol content. Be careful with this one, the 12% alcohol will sneak up on you after just 12 ounces. The DUKE is the Truth.

Contrary to popular belief, The DUKE is not a reference to John Wayne, the University of the same name, nor any European royal. Years of law school were spent pounding beer with, Brett Allen Duke. This beer is named for our long time El Paso native drinking buddy.

Rye’t On
Rye Pale Ale
6% ABV/ 26 IBU

Smooth. That’s the overriding characteristic of this rye pale ale. Rye is clearly present in aroma and flavor, but not overly abundant. The hop flavor and aroma is balanced by the rye’s spiciness, which remains through the finish. Its color is a beautiful bright copper beneath a nice rocky white head. Rye is the special guest, but the backbone of Rye’t On is the traditional pale ale behind it.

Sit Down Or I'll Sit You Down
Imperial IPA
10% Alcohol by volume / 90 IBUs

Back in the day, Michael Peticolas' brother, Charlie, was a cop and COPS filmed a few of his arrests. The best of which involved a deadbeat considering resistance to his arrest. With baton drawn, Charlie demanded "Sit down or I'll SIT YOU DOWN!" Since the episode aired over 10 years ago, we've uttered the line a million times to one another and laughed every time. We're paying tribute to that line by using it to name our Imperial IPA. A big beer that will sit you down if you don't do it first. Ha. Call it “Sit Down” for short.

As for the beer itself, the intent is to exhibit the fresh and bright character of the hops. We dry hopped it with over a pound of hops per barrel of beer. It’s gold in color and the floral ester aroma is high. The hop bitterness is high, but not at all harsh. The hop flavor is high, fresh, and lively. Yet with all of our beers, it’s all about balance and this one is no exception. The malt character is fairly high and provides a tremendously full mouthfeel. Finally, the alcohol in this beer is intentionally present (and delicious).

When it comes to food pairing, IPA’s are best when paired with spice. Indian foods are often complex and focus on spices and herbs. As a consequence, the hop aromatics of the IPA can result in great harmony with spicy Indian dishes. Otherwise, find yourself some spicy Thai or jerk chicken.

Irish Goodbye
Irish Red Ale
6.5% ABV / 27 IBU

Ever been out to the bar and your friend disappears without nary a word? That move is called the “Irish Goodbye” and is the name we’ve bestowed upon our Irish Red Ale. It is a beautiful copper red in color with low fruity-ester aroma accompanied by a rocky dense off white head. Candy like malt sweetness is enhanced by a subtle degree of roasted malt that brings a level of complexity to nice even keeled hop flavor and bitterness.

Black Curtains
11 % Imperial Stout

True to its name, the beer pours black with a thick dark tan head. Its rich malty aroma and roasted malt astringency and bitterness are balanced with a relatively high level of floral and citrus hop character. This beer is a brewery only beer, which means the only way you can try it is to come to a tour on the first or third Saturday of the month from 1:00 to 3:00.

Belgian Tripel
A Lost Epic
11% Alcohol by volume / 25 IBU

Our Tripel has a sunny golden-orange color with rocky white head. A complex, mild spice accentuates a light fruity-ester aroma while the overall hop aroma remains low. The use of pale malts result in brisk malty palate containing a hint of sweetness in the center, but with a light dry finish. Hop bitterness is medium and tends to equalize the balance of malt. The alcohol strength and flavor is clearly evident. Our Tripel’s medium body and high alcohol content contribute a pleasant vanilla like creaminess. This beer is highly carbonated to bring flavor to the forefront. As this beer warms, its flavors flourish.

What’s in a beer name? In this case, the brewery’s name. A LOST EPIC is an anagram of PETICOLAS.

Tripels lend themselves well to herbs, especially thyme. The herbal notes in the hop aromatics pair nicely with the herbs used in the food dish.

Thrilla in Brazilla
India Pale Ale
7.5 % ABV / 75 IBU

Thrilla in Brazilla is gold in color with a tight white head of foam. The fruity-ester aroma is high to very high. Hop aroma is further characterized by high amounts of citrus with a slightly resinous character in the background. The aroma follows through to the taste with citrusy characters dancing on the palette, including the presence of fresh oranges. Thrilla is a medium bodied beer with medium high hop bitterness. As always, this beer is balanced.

We are brewed this American IPA specifically for the 2014 Brazil World Cup. Thrilla in Brazilla will be released June 12,the day of World Cup match 1 between Brazil and Croatia. The beer will initially feature at pubs agreeing to show a match watching party for the opener. We will then release the beer to the rest of the market and it will remain available until July 12, the day of the World Cup final.

Food pairing? A nice thick juicy hamburger with fresh jalepeno and serrano peppers. The spice in the burger pairs amazingly well with the crisp citrusy hop character of Thrilla in Brazilla.

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